Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parents' nightmare

As parents, you don't expect your child to die before you. Unfortunately, that is the reality for us. Derek has stopped chemo treatments, because they do not work any longer. See his blog: Our only consolation is that he'll live on for us in his daughters Marina and Lauren and our daughter-in-law Airdrie. Still, it's devastating.

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  1. Karl ... my heart goes out to you and Hilkka. This has certainly been a devasting time for all of you. Derek has fought his battle with such dignity and determination, I'm sad to see that stop. I understand however,that there is a time and a season and while difficult, he is doing the right thing. He needs to live the best he can now for himself and family. Thank goodness he leaves you both with the beautiful children he has and your daughter-in-law. You will always have each other and through them Derek as well.
    My thoughts are always with you both, and I continue to send good wishes to that brave brave warrier known as Derek.