Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've not posted anything in more than a week - this is due to my being very busy in my (home-based) business. Reading Derek's blog, though, has prompted me to make a couple of comments.

Derek's theme in that post relates to depression and the effects it has on the person and families and friends. My comment is: I've been there. In 1970, after the treatments for the cancer I was fighting at the time were finished, I went into a very deep, clinical depression; the cause - the surgery, radiation, or the thought that everything that could be done had been done, and that now only time would tell - I don't know. The medications prescribed to me at that time did not improve the situation; the depression went on for months. The final treatment, resulting in an absolutely miraculous cure from my point of view, was electroshock treatment. I went through four sessions, and after the last one, I had my life back. I know that my wife went through hell when I was depressed, and, as Derek said, when you marry for better or for worse, it is the "worse" that strengthens a marriage.

Check the links in Derek's blog. Our daughter-in-law is also dealing with this. I want to repeat what she says in her comments and re-emphasize that depression can be successfully treated - do not hesitate to get professional help.