Thursday, July 19, 2007

A bit of a downer again

Derek phoned a little while ago to say that he hasn't been able to keep his food down, and that the nurses inserted a tube through his nose to empty his stomach. He says that he's feeling a lot better. His team of nutritionists and doctors will assess the situation in the morning. There is a possibility of a partial blockage somewhere - only partial apparently, because the ileostomy bag is receiving some output from Derek's intestine. We'll know more in the morning.

Continuing on the path

We just came back from a visit with Derek - he is on a controlled IV drip and his blood sugar is back to normal. He is tired from the medicines, but is eating some food and having tea. The meals that arrive are supplied by contract with outside caterers, and it shows. They send food which is a no-no for Derek (after all, he is diabetic and should also not have fibrous food), so Derek has to check the menu before he touches anything. The nurses then have to hunt around to find something suitable for him. This needs some work. The doctors and nurses are doing a first-class job. Derek is constantly monitored. It is gratifying to see that every effort is being made to keep him on the road to recovery.

Upward again

Derek phoned this morning from the hospital; he sounds like his old self. He's asking for his deoderant, some fresh pyjamas, a couple of the books he's reading, and a couple of other things. It's obvious to us that the withdrawal routine is responsible for his down periods. Derek said that he will try and eat this morning, including some "power food". I think that means some of the fortified liquid foods usually used by athletes. In any case, he sounds and feels a lot better this morning. More after we've visited him.