Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The good and the bad

Last week, we spent three wonderful days with good friends at their million-dollar-view home on Saltspring Island, enjoyed their company, and that of friends and neighbours they invited. We also had a chance to enjoy the many cultural offerings available on Saltspring Island. It felt like we spent a very relaxing holiday somewhere in the sunny south - and that essentially on our doorstep.

An event much concerning for us recently is that our brother-in-law (on my wife's side), who is dealing with metastatic cancer, is in hospital. Illness is something any family has to deal with, but this is too close in time to the death of our son Derek, also from cancer.  However, we did then, and do now, appreciate the efforts of the doctors, nurses, and all the people who make humane and compassionate dealing with an illness possible. They do make a difference, and lighten the load on everyone.

Life's a rollercoaster.

An update (Aug 15):

Our brother-in-law died last week.