Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting with a thud

I started out my retirement with a thud, literally. A week ago, I slipped on ice up on Mt. Seymour, and broke the socket in my right hip joint. A whole new experience; I'm reliant on a wheelchair for the next couple of months, until the bones heal. Things one takes for granted have to be thought out in detail, since I can't put any weight on my right leg. Getting into and out of bed, bathroom, washing, dressing, all the basic things have to be planned - all with a view of "no strain" on the right leg. I have a much better insight now regarding what people permanently subject to these kinds of limitations need to do.

Fortunately, the lower level in our house has a continuously laid hard floor (no door sills)  which makes getting around much easier. The upper floor is unreachable for me at this time, so the lower level is now our "headquarters". One of the rooms is our rec room - I guess it should now be spelled "wreck" room - and the lower level is even with the carport and the street. When we get warmer weather, I'll be able to get out. My wife sure has to do a lot more work now; things would be a lot harder for me if it weren't for her taking care of all the details related to the house. We have access to a couple of internet services here. We've always done banking on line anyway, so paying bills and depositing cheques is no problem.

We had a very competent moving company (Top Movers) swap our two electric beds upstairs with the beds in the downstairs guest room, which has now become our bedroom. The electric bed is a real help for me; I can adjust it so that my right leg is comfortable. I sleep well, even though turning around in bed is very limited and have no pain worth speaking about. If necessary, a couple of extra-strength Tylenols do the trick.

Our trip to Europe in April is off, naturally. I'll miss seeing my 100 year old aunt - she is sharp as a nail, but totally deaf - and my cousins there, but hope to be able to do that later in the year. The best laid plans...