Sunday, July 22, 2007

A dull day

We've all been a little down because of the weather (6 days of rain and drizzle), including Derek. His regimen continues as before (no food yet, only intravenous). Later during our visit we all perked up a bit because Derek is discharging less fluid from his stomach (mostly bile). It looks as though things are finally stabilizing. He'll get his food by feeding tube first, and then eventually start with liquid and the more solid food, as progress dictates. We had a good conversation about technical things, and he also watched a favourite show (mythbusters). His cousin Tarya also paid a visit, and Airdrie and Derek's daughters Marina and Lauren will also visit this evening. Derek is off morphine, with just a trace of side effects, which probably also contributed to his "down" feeling earlier in the day. Progress is being made.