Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is here

During the last month we've had a new roof installed. The installation took several days, and was sometimes interrupted by rain. The only thing left to do is chimney repair - the mortar between the bricks has deteriorated to the point where mortar reinforcement is necessary. All work so far was done by Best Quality Roofing. The company lived up to all of its promises and I expect that their chimney work will also be top notch. If you ever need roof repairs or related work done, I highly recommend that company. They are located in Coquitlam. I'll post some pictures once my hip joint allows climbing onto the roof again.

Update: Pictures of the roof repairs are here:

At this moment, I'm sitting in the garden, with a cherry tree in bloom and the sun shining on my back. This past month, my "disability" has diminished to the point where I can walk almost normally. The hip joint socket x-ray showed that the the hairline cracks and the one break appear to have healed. The orthopaedic surgeon recommended that I still use my cane, but not to rely on it too much. So, I walk around the house without it, and that seems to get easier by the day. Stairs are no longer an obstacle; I have the run of the house again. We also take walks around the neighbourhood when the weather permits; my stride is quite a bit slower, but I think that'll improve with time.

While our trip to Europe was cancelled due to the problem with my hip, we are going to "substitute" a visit to close, long-time friends in California soon. We like California a lot and have been there many times. We'll be staying in La Jolla for the most part, but also in Chico and various other places on the way there and back. Since we'll be driving, we have the freedom to make drop-of-a-hat changes to our itinerary and travel routes and can take more baggage along. We're looking forward to the sun and seeing our friends again.