Saturday, January 19, 2008

A special winter day.

Well, it's another mess outside - it snowed until about 11:30 am, but with the temperature hovering around 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), the streets are slushy, and slippery, and now it's raining. A good thing that it's the weekend; traffic is less problematic. This condition only exists in our immediate area here, because we're slightly elevated (90m - 250ft above sea level); it's enough to make a difference. The main thoroughfares tend be cleared by the city for the buses in any case. All that is not special in any way.

An update: the kids seem to have had some fun, though.

My wife and her two best friends are attending the Canadian figure skating championships every day (and night) and, since the todays performances started early, she got away before most of the snow came down. She is using the tickets which were originally purchased by her childhood friend (and a bridesmaid at our wedding) Sonia, the fourth in their group, who died this past November of a heart attack, and whose birthday is today. In her honour, the three girls are going out to dinner tonight - some months ago they had planned to get together with Sonia on this day and do that. Their birthday get-togethers have been a tradition for many years; no doubt there will be a tinge of sadness and nostalgia tonight. That's why today is special.