Saturday, April 12, 2008

A slow awakening

Over the last three weeks or so, I've taken a series of pictures of two buds on the camelia bush in our neighbour's garden. I used a 200mm telephoto lens from our back porch, and took the photos from essentially the same position every time.
The weather was unseasonably cold for most of the time. In the last few days, temperatures have gone up somewhat, and today was almost like a summer day. Here is the series:
The last of the picture in this series was taken on April 13, 2008. You can see what looks like the "full flower" stage of this bud. I'm wondering what's going to happen to the small bud below the "fullgrown" one, now that it seems to be totally covered?
There are many more buds on that camelia bush, which is located about three meters (10ft) from the edge of our back porch, in our neighbour's garden. The buds are all in various stages of development. When fully in bloom, the camelia bush is a really beautiful sight. Our neighbour looks after her garden and this bush, and we get the enjoyment. You can click on each thumbnail shown here in order to get a larger picture (you'll be transferred into Feel free to download any or all, if you want .