Saturday, September 1, 2007


When the weather is nice, many people exhibit treasures which they would not want exposed to rain. One such category is that of classic cars. Beautifully maintained, they hark back to an age when driving was courteous, considerate, and far less aggressive. Some have lines that would be a wonderful fit for today's high tech wonders, others reflect the society of yore. In short, they're "classic". We thought that we should have a look at these - there is an "old car" show on in town at the moment.
My wife and I fit right in. Those years in which these beauties were manufactured were our "young" years, and I think that the pleasure of driving was far more appreciated then. We certainly had our (usually clean) fun, and were perhaps more aware then today's young folks regarding the responsibilities of being in charge of these big machines. Be that as it may, our generation is likely to be considered as "backward" as these vehicles; our internal "guts" probably work with the same degree of efficiency. We need as much or more ongoing maintenance - we're "classic", too.