Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hello, all

We've just come back from our visit with Derek at the hospital, and we're happy to report more improvement on Derek's part. He is eating a variety of (semi-solid) food, i.e. Cream-of-wheat, boiled egg, a little toast, some chicken and rice and banana. He also has a good appetite. We walked some more today. Derek is off all the external tubes. The ileostomy is doing its job, but Derek says that he has no control of it; the bag just fills up. With the way he's progressing, it is a good possibility that he'll come home tomorrow (Wednesday), or Thursday. He'll have a special diet, of course; the ladies in our house look forward to cooking for him and keeping him comfortable. There will also be a home nurse to change bandages, and possibly administer medications.

There is still a long way to go, but all of us (including Derek) are certainly relieved that things have gone well so far. I think Derek will be back on his blog in a few days.

All the Best to Jean-Hugues

Hello, all

Those of you are also reading the comments on Derek's and my blog will have seen postings from Jean-Hugues in Paris. He's just gone through the same kind of surgery Derek has had, and for the same reasons. My wife and I send you, Jean-Hugues, your wife Laurence, and your family all the best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

I'm sure the people who are reading Derek's and my blog are wishing Jean-Hugues a return to a healthy, normal life as well, and are sending you all their support.