Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a gas

For those who've read this post before: check the update below.

Derek phoned, asking us to bring him some of his favorite broth from a delicatessen located on our way to the hospital. Apparently, the doctors have decided that some more substantial, though still liquid food is indicated. And the indication is? Well, there has been some activity at Derek's "lower end" - he's passed some gas. Who would have thought that "breaking wind" would ever be cause for celebration? In any case, we're happy to fulfill Derek's wish.

Mothers, being mothers, will always think of their children in need of motherly help, regardless of how old their children are. Our mothers were the same - I remember it with great fondness and a sense of nostalgia and a little sadness. That is why, in addition the requested broth, my wife is also preparing some clear beef broth and some clear chicken noodle broth here at home to take to Derek in thermos bottles. There is a chance that the delicatessen is closed today (Thanksgiving) - and she wants to cover all bases. Derek can always rewarm the broth in the microwave oven located in the "patient room" on his ward.

More later.

Update at 15:20 (3:20pm): We've just returned from our visit with Derek. He consumed, with obvious relish, the chicken soup broth we had picked up from the delicatessen. He also had the cream of potato soup which came with his dinner tray, along with some ice cream, and asked us to get him one of his favorite scones available in the hospital cafeteria (he's been in that hospital often enough to know what's available there). Liquid food is still the order of the day, but that scone apparently "melts in his mouth" (he really likes them). It's great to see him having a good appetite.

I expect that some more substantial motion will come soon "down below". His surgeon came by to check on him, as he has done every day (he has the best specialist gastro-intestinal surgeon - every doctor we talk to tells us so). The surgeon said: "you poop, you go...", meaning that Derek'll be discharged from hospital when things get to that stage. Derek thinks that it won't happen until Wednesday, and he won't leave prematurely, because when he did that before, he was back in the hospital a couple of days later .

Airdrie and the girls are going to visit Derek this evening. I think that it's possible that Derek might feel well enough to get the hospital's computer room; in which case he'll likely post a bit himself.

More tomorrow.