Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grandparents' joys

One of the joys and privileges of being grandparents is that you are allowed to spoil your grandchildren, and have fun doing it. Therefore, we took advantage of the fine weather today and invited our granddaughters Marina and Lauren to our annual, local fair, called the Pacific National Exhibition. Perhaps saying that our granddaughters intimated that an invitation would not be resisted approaches the truth even more closely.

The PNE started about a century ago as an agricultural fair, with a small amusement park (Playland) on the side. Well, Playland has become the main reason why people attend it; Marina and Lauren naturally came for the same reasons - the rides and games.

One of the cultural parts of the exhibition outside Playland was really classy - the acrobats from China were amazing. We all enjoyed that.

Of course this also became a "junk food day" - every now and then you have to forget about the restrictions you face as a senior.

As grandparents, we had a lot of fun watching the granddaughters screaming their way through the many rides they went on. It also brought back memories of our own "young" PNE days.

This was very much a fun (and exhausting) day.