Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming home.

Derek had some more substantial food today - some pasta noodles and another one of his favorite scones from the hospital cafeteria. His pain is much diminished, and he's handling it with regular Tylenol. He's also managing his diabetes himself again - the nurses agree that he knows better than anyone regarding the timing and amount he needs.

His bowel movements are still minimal. With the more solid food today the expectation is that he'll be more active "down below". If all works out, he'll continue his convalescence at home, starting tomorrow. It'll probably take about 6 weeks before he'll be back on his regular diet. In the meantime he'll be on the same kind of diet as the one he was on when he got his ileostomy bag attached. Now that it's been removed, he's looking forward to a more normal life, without the restrictions that the bag imposed.

I expect he'll be posting soon.