Friday, October 10, 2008


Derek just phoned to tell us that he came through the "reconnect" operation just fine - he's already sitting up, and feeling quite well. The operation was done through the existing hole where his ileostomy bag used to be - no new incision was necessary. No doubt, Derek is happy about that. We all hope that his recovery is uneventful, and that he'll be back on regular food soon. It'll be a great improvement in Derek's quality of life - he's been vocal about what hindrance the ileostomy bag has been and how it restricted many of his activities. On the other hand, of course, it was a necessity. There was always the hope that he'd be able to get rid of it - that has now happened. If all goes well, it'll be one less hurdle in Derek's fight with cancer.


  1. Yay! Tell him we said YAY Karl :)

  2. Thanks, Karl, for keeping us posted!

  3. That's great news Karl and thanks for keeping us all posted. Derek has done so well that I'm sure he'll continue his journey with his continued positive way.

    What a week this has been for you all .... what a terrific young lady Tarya is. What a proud, proud day. She's done so well and you all had so much to celebrate.

    My continued best for you and your entire family.