Sunday, October 12, 2008

More today

Derek is making good progress. He's off the intravenous line and has had some vegetable broth. His portacath has been reactivated, in case he needs some intravenous treatment. No motion yet below; it usually takes a few days for any activity, after operations like this.

We had (decaf) coffee together this afternoon, and took a walk around his ward floor. He's doing this several times a day now, it's considered to be good physiotherapy. Any pain is now controlled by Tylenol three alone.

It is a measure of his good spirits that we discussed the various political parties competing in our elections on Tuesday. If he were in pain, he'd not be interested. He was also happy to receive copies of the latest news magazines (MacLeans)- we subscribe to it. He also keeps up with current events by watching television.

We hope his recovery continues on like this. More news tomorrow.


  1. It's just simply wonderful news Karl. I'm so glad things are going so well and Derek is doing so good.

    Thanks so much for the updates, I look forward to them. I am so happy to read the "good news". Barbra

  2. We're so glad to hear how well Derek is coming along. We sure wish the hospitals in Montreal were as good as out there. John had the same operation a few days before Derek and also did very well - until he came home - and promptly got worse. After tests we found out that they had sent him home from the hospital with C-Difficile :( We are now treating it with an aggressive antibiotic treatment ... not very helpful for his newly attached colon. But we are looking on the bright side and hoping for a complete recovery in 7-10 days.
    Onwards and upwards Derek!!!!
    Terry & John