Friday, January 4, 2008

An improved beginning

Well, New Year's has come and gone, and things are getting back to a "routine" status. My own business is starting to roll along again - because the schools and universities are back to normal next week.

Considering the circumstances, we've had some good news with regard to Derek's cancer fight. He had a CT scan yesterday, and some improvement is evident. You can read the details here:

So, we hope that the new year will bring more good news. I also think the comments people leave on Derek's blog in no small measure contribute to his positive mental and physical outlook. To all of you, thanks for caring.


  1. Well, we were all awaiting this kind of news, and wondering when there would be an evaluation of the new treatment.

    I does sound very reassuring that the cancer is going backwards - I kind of things those never stay still, they either go forward, or backwards.

    Your part is not the easiest one - not being able to do much more than help and hope - and I often think of you. I do hope the new year brings you and your wife all the good medical news you are awaiting for !

  2. "I kind of things" ?

    I guess I wanted to write something like "I kind of think", or "Those kind of things", and I mixed both.

    Anyway, let's get rid of those !

  3. Karl this is such wonderful news and as you know everyone is pulling for your son. What a good start to 2008, it's what you have all been waiting for. He's under such good care that I'm sure his progress will continue.

    This was so nice to hear .....Barbra

  4. My daughter, who is a year younger than Derek, was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in February, 2005. She is doing well now, feeling good and working fulltime. I think about Derek every day, and hope for the best possible outcome. It was good to hear that there is some improvement.