Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's arrived

In good old European tradition, my wife put up the "Advent Calendars", each with 24 little presents attached - for our granddaughters. Each granddaughter will open one present per day, until the 24th of December, at which time we have our family Christmas celebration, with dinner and the giving of Christmas presents. So today, being the first day of December, both opened their first-day present.

The advent calendars themselves are needle-point, made especially for our granddaughters by a very good friend who lives in California. The calendars will always remind us of her - what a wonderful effort to make for "the kids".

Well, the snow which was predicted, and which announced its coming a couple of days ago, has arrived. Some time ago I speculated that the birds would be very happy with the "yellow apples" hanging on our neighbours' tree. Today, that came true.

Here's the snow

...and the birds are having a feast.


  1. My grandmother always offered an advent calendar to each of us. She had 19 grandchildren ! These were image calendars, not presents or chocolates ones, with gleaming silver on them. They had to be stuck on the window, so that the light would come from behind. We just loved them.

    When she became a great-grand-mother, she started offering those to our children too. And when she died, 7 years ago now, I started buying the same type of calendar for the kids, in memoriam.

    Now, I only get one calendar for the whole family, but they do cherish it. Even Olivier, who will soon be 17, takes his turn for opening the little window. And our Hélène, who is so much of an opponent as a teenager, forgets that she hates us and doesn't care about anything, just to open hers.

    That's the magic of Christmas !

    Ours never is a white christmas, but I hope it will be a nice and peaceful one. We also hope that Santa Claus will come down during the night, and leave presents in our shoes...

    As far as I know, poor Santa has had troubles recently finding suitable presents for those teenagers, he prefers dealing with little children, it is much simpler !


  2. Yes, when I was a kid, we had the same calendars as you describe, too. It sure heightens the Christmas anticipation, doesn't it?

  3. ... and it helps realize how late you are in your present list !

    Well, you seem to be a very organized family, so I guess YOU are not, but we sure are.

  4. I do believe that the "yellow apples" look more like persimmons to me. I make persimmon pudding for the holiday dessert which is similar to plum pudding.