Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dereks' evening out

I'm sure most of you who read this blog do so because, when Derek is temporarily incapacitated in his fight with the cancer, I post information here. So it is with some degree of pleasure that I point you back to his blog (, because Derek is blogging more regularly again. It is also good to know that more substantial food, and an occasional drink (, do go down well with him, even though he has to watch the interactions between drink and medication. He can use all the calories he can get.

When adversity strikes, you really learn for whom you care and what is important.


  1. Derek is an amazing young man, I know you don't need to be told that. I can just imagine how proud you and Hilkka are. He absolutely amazes me, I sit in awe many a night reading his blog. He certainly has what it takes to beat this dreaded disease and if anyone can do it he can. I cannot imagine as a parent what you are going through. I just want to thank you for keeping up the information on Derek as we are all going step by step with him .....somedays holding our breath until the next posting. My thoughts and positive prayers are always with your both .....Barbra Goldman

  2. Thanks, Barbra

    All of us appreciate the concerns and participation shown by the people who leave comments on Dereks' or my blog.


  3. I very much enjoy your posts as well, Karl! (I'm still in awe of that amazing picture of Saturn.)