Monday, July 23, 2007

The tube man

Today, when we visited Derek, he was just having his first calories (food hooked up and fed intravenously) since he re-entered the hospital last week. The food is liquid, looks like milk, and will provide him with about 1700 calories per day. The rate at which it is dispensed is like drinking about 1/2 cup of this per hour. Derek is extremely glad to be getting some real food, finally. He also had a visit from Airdrie (we had Marina and Lauren at our place during that time), and also had a visit from his good friend Tod Maffin. Derek is hooked up to a number of tubes, all of which add something or other necessary for his well-being.

You can see some pictures of Derek here:

Again, I want to re-iterate, as does Derek, that the nurses and doctors at St Paul's hospital are doing an excellent job. He is getting attention all the time. Derek says that the nurses told him that he is a very good patient (he never complains), and that's one of the reasons for his wonderful treatment.


  1. Well well well... 1700 calories... JH is going to be jealous, they only gave him 1600 ! That seems to be the one big difference : otherwise, tubes, the machines, everything is very much alike.

    Oh, yes : the view is very different too, but I don't know how to put pictures in there, so...

    Anyway, we're moving on pretty good, yesterday was "all liquid day", but today he got some real breakast, a toast with butter and jam, and it all went well. Since yesterday, they only put 1200 calories in the bag, the rest is taken "per orale".

    So my hopes are up, there is a chance that they take all the tubes off today. That would be great, especially the nice little side tube, that JH has as an extra (Derek hasn't got that one), that empties the surgery site right through the skin and prevents him from sitting or laying down properly.

    And the rain is back...

  2. Thanks for all the updates, Karl.

    What a long haul for Derek.


  3. Karl, thanks for taking the time to keep Derek's friends and well-wishers current on his progress. As the previous poster noted, it's going to be a long haul, but with the family support and professional attention he's getting, he seems to be on the road, at least, and for that we're all glad.

    All the best to you, Derek, and your families.