Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alive man walking

Derek just phoned to let us know how things are going. He's walked from his hospital bed to the elevator and back - a considerable stretch, totaling approximately 50 meters (165 ft) - and sat up for a while. We're all happy with this wonderful progress. It's amazing how well the body deals with the healing when asked to do something. Not too long ago, the procedure would have been to stay immobile and "baby" the body. It seems that the more you ask of it, the better it responds. My wife and I plan to visit Derek later on today; more news then.

One thing which I haven't mentioned so far: everyone of us owes a great debt of gratitude to the doctors who are treating Derek - his team of doctors at the BC Cancer Institute, the surgeons at St. Paul's Hospital who so skillfully removed Derek's colon cancer, and the nurses and staff who look after Derek. Without them, all the good news above would likely have been much bleaker. So, from us (Derek's parents), as well as all members of our family, thank you...

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  1. Hi there - I am Airdrie's cousin out in Ontario and wanted you to know that I have been reading Derek's blog for quite some time and am now following yours. Despite the geographical span and that I have only had the pleasure to meet Derek once, I am glad I can keep up to date with all that it going on. As a physiotherapist, I am usually the person getting people out of bed 24-28 hours after sugery and despite the many people who don;t want to get is the best thing to do. I have a great sense of Derek's amazing attitude and lightheartedness from reading his blogs and know that he would be a very easy patient to work with. I only wish there was a way I could help. I wish Derek, Airdrie, the girls and all of your family good wishes and a speedy recovery. I am sure the girls will be his best medicine. Take Care, Lesley